You are Invited!

I am hosting a bad dinner party and YOU are invited.

What exactly do I mean a bad dinner party? Have you ever been invited to a dinner party: the food is good, the drinks are good, the people seem nice. Then, somehow the conversation takes a turn and suddenly you are ruining everyones good time by talking about the school to prison pipeline, or the problematic representations of women in the media, or how you really love giving birth?


I refuse to believe I am the only one. I also refuse to believe that these topics aren’t generally better than the safe and boring topics no one gets all riled up about. Join me each week as we:

EAT: I share a suprisingly easy recipe that everyone thinks is fancy. It isn’t, but it tastes good.

DRINK: A simple cocktail or mocktail that I think you might like to serve your friends (I will probably be drinking this. I will offer it to my guests.)

BE MORE THAN ANYONE BARGAINED FOR: I or a guest rants about the thing they aren’t really supposed to talk about in polite company, but they just cannot help it! Sex, religion, politics, money. Nothing is off the table. If the dinner party is gonna go down, it is going down in a blaze of glory.

How does every bad dinner party end?

THE AWKWARD EXIT: I or a guest tells of a time they ruined a perfectly lovely social gathering by being more than anyone bargained for and how the exit was awkward at best.